Most Popular Games 2022

This 10 most popular games 2022 is a list of games that are very much played by users and are the games with the longest duration level played

the list of 10 games that I want to provide information here is a game where the user and overall the game is very exciting and fun

Because of the several games that have been present in 2022, this is a game where I really like to play to play with friends and to relieve boredom when I finish my daily routine.

So both in terms of the popularity of a game and the value of how exciting the game will be on the list, and this is according to experience and I and my friends also play very often together

What are the 10 popular games in 2022 that you should know, right away without waiting long, this is the list according to my version on the website

1 Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the first popular game and entered the first list of the most popular games played by teenagers in America because of the excitement of this game.

With a game with the theme of an adventure of a horseman who is required to quell evil and can win every game the world masterpiece which brings you into the game visually

From the excitement, this game is still ranked number one as the most exciting game to play when there is free time or time off from work or college.

you can have this game in the PS version mode to be able to play and enjoy it in total then you must at least have a PS to be able to play this game

How to have the Elden Ring game

You can play this Elden Ring game on condition that you have a computer or PC or you can wait until you are independent

You can easily have a game that is very in demand and sells successfully in the American market in an easy way Just prepare internet quota

Immediately, if you can’t wait to play this Elden Ring game, here I will give you a way to get free games easily that you can follow as below

Download Game Elden Ring

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: INTEL CORE I5-8400 or AMD RYZEN 3 3300X
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD RADEON RX 580 4 GB
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 60 GB available space
  • Sound Card: Windows Compatible Audio Device
  • Additional Notes:
  • Link Download : Animus Play Store
Size: 48.42 GB
FreeProDownload SpeedLimitedUnlimitedEstimated Download Time~ 413 minutes~ 20 minutes Simultaneous DownloadsUnlimited Daily Downloads No-Ads & PopupsNo waiting timeSupport For Download AcceleratorsWait time: 15 seconds Pro Download

How to Download Elden Ring

  • Prepare the Internet. If you have, you can open this Best Android website
  • Read my article from above to understand how to install and use it
  • Click the Elden Ring link that I gave here you can easily download and install it on your PC device
  • Click Download the Latest Elden Ring then the download will automatically run until it’s finished
  • Click the file you just downloaded and then click install now
  • Check every notification that appears, wait a few moments until you successfully install the Elden Ring game on your PC
  • Done, you can play the Elden Ring game easily and of course for free

2 Call Of Duty

Games with this strategy game can really satisfy your desire to try out the adrenaline especially for strategy game lovers and you get it in Call Of Duty

In addition, this Call of Duty game is very popular and successful in the American market because there are so many enthusiasts from among teenagers and various ages

This game, at the beginning of the promotion, has been very, very much awaited by game fans who are present from this very popular film game series, with various contents.

You can play this game because there are so many available in the game store that provides free Call Of Duty and here I will also give you the download link for this game.

How to Download CALL OF DUTY

How to download this call of duty game is very easy, you just need to simply by using an easy internet method, you can play this game quickly

Here’s how to be able to play the Call Of Duty game on your cellphone or smartphone. On a PC, see how below, follow the steps correctly.

  • First, you can open this article and you can also read this Call of Duty article to understand the steps to download the Call of Duty game
  • Then click the link that will be given a link to MediaFire for you to get the raw file to download the Call of Duty game
  • Once in MediaFire you can click save then wait for it to finish because the download process will automatically run
  • When finished, you can click the Drive menu or the internal storage folder according to the results of the previous download
  • Search files The call of duty that you just finished saving earlier, after you find it, you can directly click install or install it on your cellphone or PC
  • Every time a notification appears, you can check or read it first, then click ok, wait for the installation process to complete
  • When finished, you can play the Call of Duty game on your cellphone or PC, thank you

3 Fortinet Game

The famous Fortinet Game in the comic anime era which is famous all over the world, namely Dragon ball with cool cartoon characters

You can find characters like Goku and Supersaya in this Fortinet, so this game had topped the number one ranking as the most in-demand and popular game in America.

This game also tells stories and more or less connects from video films that were popular at that time, and now a game version is made which certainly makes people curious.

A little review of the Fortinet game, it’s very cool and cool when you play it, also very famous characters are available for you to have, this game can be online so don’t worry if you want Play with global users

How to download Fortinet

You can download this Fortinet for free with an easy method and the method that will be given below will certainly not be a problem even if you are new.

The way to download to be able to play the Fortinet game is quite easy as usual, provide internal storage space to save the game I think phones are now capable enough with big games like this

Immediately for how to download this Fortinet

  • First you can click on this article and select Fortinet to be able to view and read the Fortinet download link
  • Click the link provided for you to save Fortinet on your phone or PC
  • Click download, wait for the process to finish, this process doesn’t take a long time if your internet is stable
  • To When you’re done, you can play the very exciting Fortinet game for free

4 Roblox

This game to Popular with users in America for fun many of them feel satisfied and have fun with the Roblox mobile game because they can make ideas for the game

This is what is liked to be popular among American game lovers, this is very exciting for ages 17 and under because the genre of this game is from children to teenagers only.

You can easily make a house, build your own house with this Lego theme, you can also see interesting actions from the Legos that you play.

Download Roblox

To be able to download Roblox, you can prepare as usual, which is storage space and the main capital internet data on Android phones

This game is fun but not the most exciting because many of the games on Roblox share the excitement and passion of American teenagers.

5 NBA 2 K Mobile

Download the NBA 2k Mobile game simply by clicking the following click so you can use and play the game very easily, the link will be given later

This basketball-themed game is very much in demand by basketball lovers in America, indeed there are many. Once a basketball player who has recently been attracting attention

Ghensin Impact

The online PC game that is now available on the Koni phone has been transformed into an exciting game and many fans and a lot of people like it in America.

Have a gansin infection game that can be done, so it’s easy enough to download this game on your cellphone or operation.

PUBG : Battelground Mobile

The PUBG game is not only famous and popular in Indonesian games, but this PUBG game is present in America with the name Battleground Mobile which money is very cool

You can play from the Playstore, this game is also available there, you can get miloki for free without having to spend money to play games


Game games above 10 Most Popular Games in America can help you in finding information about the most popular games in America, and now the game can be used, thank you Beneficial