Download And Play Call Of Duty Games

pause Rizky Wahyu me despite the sweet Sins okay okay Guys in this video I’ll also show you how you can play GTA 5 on your original Android phone,

guys. So for this video I’l h show youhow the gameplay will be like later if it sticks in the description of this video or diving comment

on this video I made a special video for how you can play it too or the tutorial Bro, so this video I will show you the gameplay first later on the

rabbit in the video description or triggered by another special video for the method or tutorial Okay, how about that

, let’s just review Okay Guys gameplay like this, yes, analog, Eh, there are two analogues,then

About hello, you guys, for

turning the left analog direction for the road, for sure, Hi and the buttons are not neatly arranged, guys, then there’s that too,

I’ve only used the lowest WiFi, OK, let’s use this the transfer was at the beginning Oh that’s an unclean room Guys let’s just go back that’s the finances

of these clubs in Let’s move forward with the club Eh Boss by a bit guys I control it because the analog has two virtual

analogues, the virtual joystick, yes, the voice isokay,10 buttons are like in GTA, of course, it’s

still GTA on Xbox or tips on the left and right, bring it up and up to open the cellphone Yes, I understand, to get out,

Irna can select the menus from her cellphone, and bring out more magic, yes, or Y triangle on the internet, it’s good,

yo, the BB is round if the divestation is


Hi Okay, if this is the setting for it, you

can FTV, guys, you can for person perspective,

yes, if you press that in the middle,

changing angles, bro

or changing cameras.

Hi then if you look at

the buttons, oh if you look at the buttons on the

right, it’s a menu guys, it’s like pressing


Hey, game settings,

Hai Trafford, OK, we have a lot of

money That’s it guys. Okay, then what button

are we going to try

to go in first, run, press X or

ah guys ha to run, play this

game if you can play 2 hours g-s hock X doesn’t

work, okay, bye for hitting or rounding I

know the PlayStation button better, X,

round triangle, box

Hi, here’s Garcia’s gameplay for

how to check the video description.

There’s a special video.

Ho divestation RT the Rt number is for

hitting OK, especially the button that I haven’t tried yet, I

think it’s a car ride, I don’t

think so. I don’t know LB

for the outside of the weapon,

Hey RB, it’s

scratching the top to go to which cellphone,

this is trying to take the truck over there

Hi the car or ride the track

Hi, you have to X yes

Hi, naughty triangle means you take

a triangular car or Yes, again, yes,

for the tutorial in the description of this video,

Estilo guys, the tutorial I made for GTA 5

GTA 5 on Android is the best


okay, just press the RT guys, then send it

using analog I’m jealous, okay, times are

getting more sophisticated, yes, we can play GTA 5

SD, yes, Android MP3, internet connection is

good. Yes, if you only use

the free data package, don’t expect

the drunk driver key to come.

Come on down, let’s look for

a better car

Hey guys, we’re freaking scary OK,

Hey, from a good car, just a little bit,

already playing GTA on Android, why bother, the

face is really bad, it’s mean, it’s cruel, uh


Hey, look at your brother, yes, your view

Hey gas Turbo joins Just find this gas


pornsex Okay, LG doesn’t do

anything, LP goes backwards LTE Leaves backs down RT

goes forward Hey, you change weapons, change

weapons in the car, it turns out guys,

grade stick bombs Firdaus eh, our weapons are

2 full Here it

seems already finished


hi hi hi it’s

really fun guys seriously from all the

gta5android GTA 5 streaming this

is the coolest picture Edge because guys

Hello bro bro bro get out Bro now it’s a

bit foggy r guys, it might be Gosh, my

internet network is bad,

guys, back out Bro Dur Keiza

Hi Cak Jaja Tanjung

Oh yes Rich

yo well forgive me, I think it’s better to play

GTA on the computer, I think guys this

time on console Okay come on come on let’s go let’s just

change the car guys

Hey, there’s still rocking, you have

to adjust it to adapt.

Hey Fidya, unplug it.

Hey, in a moment, now we have to turn off

the internet connection. The economy is

internet, sound, guys, audio music, when you

turn off the music, it seems like

here, the music volume is afraid of copyright,

please, the only one is copyright, so we’ll

turn it off OK, already,

hit start, yes, in the

middle, guys, there are three


hi, cars, geez, the caca

of pores, he didn’t pull out the

desktop server, just pull out the one there

, bro, car, triangular Bro

, fine hair, Toga aunty -Auntie is

Trafford gas

RT which Hi, haven’t memorized the 2nd yet

this apple must be memorized carefully

Hey Gem imagine Westerling can

go around Dosantos, yes, you

can go crazy around Santos

using your Android. Those two hours,

we’ve been walking around

Dosantos for a long time, guys, oh,

drunk driver, drunk driver, truck.

know utbah,

just press RT, what’s the house,

what’s the uterus,

come on, let’s just look in the mirror here,

guys, gosh, it’s my time, let’s go,

guys, guys. Wow, I haven’t thought about two stars yet,

uh, why did I act earlier, I was able to

record noise X, I don’t know he’s going

to me, what if Bro recording

it, yes, say it’s cording again and in the

afterlife, not just this car,

guys, just go. Oh, for example, for a new car,

there must be a process,

hi hi, to start, so guys ghost

ghost ghost ghost ghost base Okay Guys okay Guys

hoer okay LG LTE or rlb to get out,

shoot the water, fill it with the function of

RT gas, namely LG, yes, for him to shoot,

guys, gas OK Guys, add two people or

not s

Hi Buset again, that’s not

really true

Hey bro, you know, Bro, you guys

have to play GTA 5 now, the

pictures are good on Android, my

internet connection isn’t too fast,

Mas Okay, lucky Arai Guys. Finally, how about

LB for tobacco, marking the water for

a while Wait a minute, the police will

shoot the police, mammam these gases. If it’s

on a PC, the graphics are ok

Hey Astagfirullahaladzim Oh my gosh,

this is our death Okay now,

that’s roughly how it is,

don’t forget to check the video description or it’s

triggered by comments or diving Comments

you guys check for how to install it, how to

install it or the tutorial Okay,

see you in the next video bye bye